Vermejo Energy Services ( Well Services)  •  Benny Deal  •  Treasurer  •  Perryton, TX

“A&T’s rapport and experience with the auditor helped in getting many questionable issues resolved.   A&T assistance in identifying issues to dispute helped in reducing the audit through negotiations.  We highly recommend A&T services to others going through a state audit.”


Hurst Farm Supply Inc. (John Deer Dealer- Lubbock Area)  •  Jamie Thomas  •  Accounting Mgr

“We were totally satisfied with A&T audit management service.  The service accomplished the objective that we expected.  If audited again, we would definitely use A&T service again.”


Win-Con Enterprises  •  Charlie Ruvle  •  Vice President  •  San Antonio, Texas

"The auditor was using audit estimating and projection techniques that resulted in our audit assessment being twice what it should have been. Mr. Harrison, A&T's consultant, requested an Audit Review Conference held before an Independent Audit Reviewer. He was able to show that the audit procedures used by the auditor substantially skewed the audit results in the State's favor."

National Modular Bank Buildings  •  Don Gordon  •  President  •  Rowlett, Texas

"This was the second time the Texas Comptroller's Office audited our business. The audit was handled completely by the Internet, away from our business. This off-site audit worked much better for us."

Southwest Lincoln-Mercury  •  Linda Ellis  •  Controller  •  Houston, Texas

"I would like to recommend the services of A&T Consultants to others who are in the process of being audited by the State Comptroller. A&T’s Pre-Audit and Audit Management service totally met my expectation.”

Minnix Commercial  •  Tim Minnix  •  President  •  Lubbock, Texas

"We recently used the state sales tax service offered by A&T Consultants. By having the audit conducted off site, we believe the service helped us limit the interruptions to our business operations. We would highly recommend the services offered by A&T Consultants."

Logix Communications. LP  •  Dick Boushka  •  Controller  •  Houston, Texas

"The Consultant was able to get the auditor to condense the number of transactions to be examined, which expedited the audit process. The audit was completed much sooner than expected.”

Duke Electric Co.  •  Mary Riley  •  Accounting Manager  •  Amarillo, Texas

"A&T handled the audit very efficiently. By having the audit performed away from our office, the interruptions were limited and were limited to the records requested. We believe that our taxability was kept to a minimum by having A&T manage the audit."

Shropshire Construction Inc.  •  Zack Codv Shropshire  •  Vice President  •  Austin, Texas

"A&T Consultants helped resolve a number of issues that came up during the audit and handled our audit by the "Internet," all of which resulted in a substantial reduction in our tax assessment."

Southern Star Inc.  •  Sherry Stafford  •  Director of Finance  •  Poteau, Oklahoma

"As a result of prior audit assessment, we started paying tax on materials taken from tax-free inventory. A&T determined that we did not owe any of the Sales Tax paid to Texas. The State of Texas approved the refund of Sales Taxes paid since January 2005. A&Ts audit service paid off for our company."

A-l Electric  •  Pam Nicholson  •  Office Manger  •  Amarillo, Texas

"The audit examination did show we were not reporting Sales Taxes on certain sales that we thought were exempt. A&T identified for the auditor over-payments of tax that were occurring regarding the purchases of certain materials that were used on taxable jobs. The credit offset the tax that we owed."

Thigpin Distributing Inc. (Plumbing Wholesale) • Thomas Thigpin • President • El Paso, Texas

"A&T Consultants have helped us a lot, especially after that first audit. We learned what we needed to do, and stay on top of daily, so we would not have ‘big holes’ in our files. The proof was that no additional was due."


Roywell Service, Inc.  •  John Mclain  •  Houston, Texas

“My company is in the acidizing and cementing business for the oil and gas industry.  The State’s rules as applied to our business are difficult to understand.   A&T helped me to understand the basic rules, and how to meet the state’s documentation requirements.  I was very satisfied with A&T Sales Tax review service.”    


Thomas Russell LLC.(Oil Field Engineering firm) • Mike Pollard • Comptroller& CFO, Tulsa, OK

“We were totally satisfied with the audit management service provided by A&T.  We have used the service before and would do so again.  We highly recommend A&T’ services to those who needs Texas Tax Services.”


Mid America Metals  •  Terri Lee  •  Solana Beach, CA

“A&T Consultants have been dedicated, professional and resolute in their commitment to serve our company.   Never once, did they break one promise to work with us each step of the way. They addressed all our concerns, educated us about the laws and supported us through the entire process.”


Natural Gas Services Group Inc . •  Earl Wait  •  Chief Financial Officer  •  Midland, TX

“A&T was a great help during the audit by helping us resolve questionable tax issues regarding our business.  I was totally satisfied with A&T’s service and would like to recommend their service to other taxpayers.”


Axxiom Manufacturing Inc.  •  Jody Schuster  •  Vice President  •  Fresno, TX

“By hiring A&T, we reduced our staff’s time considerably and did not have to worry about the auditor showing up and working at our office. We were very satisfied with their work and recommend A&T Consulting services to others.”


Educators Outlet Inc.  •  Robert Bond  •  President  •  Timnath, CO

“A&T had the knowledge and experience required to handle our audit and achieve a very positive outcome.  The entire process was very convenient using email and the internet.  A&T provided Educators Outlet with exceptional representation during our Texas sales tax audit.”


All Import Auto Care Inc.  •  Habib Karaci  •  President  •  Houston, TX

“A&T handled our sales tax audit from beginning to end, handling all contact with the auditor, and handling the audit completely away from our business.  The audit did not result in any interruption to our business except for the locating of records, which was done at our convenience.  I would recommend to anyone that is going through a Sales Tax audit to consider the services offered by A&T Consultants.”


Superior Equipment & Supply  •  Ivy Cross  •  Owner  •  Forest Hill, TX

“When I was told there were “no taxes due,” that was truly one of happiest days of my life.   I really appreciate all that A&T did for our company.” 

Intercontinental Security Services Inc.  •  Ted DeMattoo  •  President  •  Houston, Texas

"A&T Consultants represented us in the Comptroller's Administrative Hearings process and obtained the result we wanted - the total elimination of the unjust assessment. I was completely satisfied with the service provided our firm."