v Pre-Audit Risk AssessmentExamine tax reporting prior to an audit to prepare for the examination to limit a tax assessment. 

v Manage Tax AuditsBe the business’ representative and advocate in defending an audit against a tax assessment.  

v Completed Audit ReviewsRepresent a completed audit to reduce a tax assessment or to increase the credit due a business.  

v Compliance ReviewsPreform an examination and review of a firm’s operations and tax reporting to determine if tax is being under-reported or over-reported. 

v Severance Tax Refunds - Represent oil and gas firms to obtaining marketing costs tax refund. 

v Voluntary Disclosure Negotiation- Negotiations to pay back taxes to avoid owing Penalty and Interest. 

v Structuring Large Transactions to Avoid Tax- Prior to the sale or purchase of a business or a major asset, the transaction structure should be reviewed to avoid sales tax on the transaction. 

v TrainingTraining class regarding Texas sales/use tax.

A&T’s Services Handles By the Internet

Today, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Dockery can handle many of the services listed here completely by the Internet and find there is no need for them or the auditor during an examination to travel to a client's place of business. Most businesses have their records in digital format where records and documents can easily be emailed to them or uploaded to a cloud service to be accessed. All communications with the clients and the auditors can be handled by internet and by phone. Rarely is there a need for them or the auditors to go to a taxpayer's place of business. If it is in the best interest of their client or the client does not have the ability to convert records to digital format, they will travel to the client's business to help resolve any issues that need person attention. Most of the time, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Dockery will have an initial meeting with the client during an engagement; plus they will do what it takes to get the best results for their clients.


Call today .(713) 587-6612 or (806) 352-0900 for a consultation to determine if your firms need any of the services listed above or offered by A&T's consultants; Troy Harrison, CPA and Dennis Dockery, CPA.